What makes Microsoft Office Professional 2019 a Great Deal for Lifetime?

If you buy Microsoft Office 2019 Professional in one-time payment,

you will have to pay $439 USD on Microsoft Website.

During Black Friday Sale on WindowsChimp, you can buy it for $125 USD only.

That’s a flat saving of $300 USD

Benefits of Office 2019 Lifetime

  • Discount of 68% which converts to saving of $300 USD
  • One Time payment so, no need to worry about annual renewals.
  • Get all the Updates automatically for this version.
  • Can be downloaded from Official website and attaches with your Microsoft Outlook account.
  • Easy to transfer subscription to new computer in case of failure.
  • Activation support from WindowsChimp
  • Easy replacements in case of non-functioning.

Buy now for $125 only

Comparing with Office 365 Annual Subscription Plan

Considering you are a small business and prefer Office 365 subscription which costs $125 USD per year.

Microsoft releases a new version of Office after every 3 years. There was Office 2013, 2016 and now 2019.

Not everyone upgrades the software version as soon as it is released. You are most likely to use same version for 5 years considering many people still feel comfortable with Office 2013 version.

We will consider product usage cycle of 4 years for an average user.

So, your 4 year subscription of Office 365 will cost $99.99 x 4 = $400 USD

On other hand, you are getting a Lifetime license for one time payment of $125 only.

That’s a straight saving of 75% or $275 USD.

Buy MS Office 2019 Professional Lifetime now for $125 only

But Office 365 has Multiple Users Support…

That’s a valid reason.

If you are a single user with one device, this certainly makes a great deal.

However, some of you have two devices, maybe a laptop for work and desktop at home or vice-versa. Even in that case, Lifetime deal makes you a significant saving.

Here’s a comparison of Office 365 Home** vs Office Professional 2019 Lifetime Deal*

UsersOffice 365Lifetime DealSavings
2$400$179$221GET DEAL

*considering usage for 4 Years (99.99 x 4 = $400 approx.)
** not considering the price hike (in future if any) in Office 365 subscription.

Bonus Tip: If you keep using the same version for more than 4 years, savings will be on higher side. Remember that it is a one-time payment deal and there are no annual renewal charges involved.

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13 thoughts on “What makes Microsoft Office Professional 2019 a Great Deal for Lifetime?”

    • Yes, you can change PC at anytime because License is not binding to any device.
      To change computer, just sign in using the same Microsoft account on new computer and you should be good.

  1. Office 2019 gives you only security updates/patches to the new version whereas, Office 365 gives you product updates and Upgrades ofcourse – If there are some new features released in the period of three years. It is given clearly in the Microsoft website.
    But you mentioned that “Get all the Updates automatically for this version. (What kind of updates?)
    ” Kindly make it clear on that.

    • Yes, you will get all the new features and security updates and patches released for the 2019 version only.
      I compared the span of 3 years because Microsoft generally releases an upgrade (maybe Office 2022 or 2023) which is a major version upgrade and not covered in Lifetime version.

  2. What makes MS Office 2019 better than MS Office 2013 for the casual user? I’m retired so the only programs I’ll be using are Word and Excel.

  3. First a question: how many computers are covered by this purchase?

    Second: What makes Windows 2019 better than 2013 for the casual user?

  4. Thanks for the explanation.
    We were on 2013 version at our workplace, your deal upgraded our computers to Office 2019 and saved me a great amount.



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