Refund Policy

Full Refund cases

1. Not Able to Install the Application

If you are not able to install the software, we will provide you will all Technical help and remote assistance FREE OF COST to resolve the issue. If the problem is unsolvable we will issue a full refund.

Note: Make sure that you are able to install other programs.

Special Case: In case your PC is completely damaged with viruses, we suggest formatting the Operating System before installing Antivirus. If critical OS files are infected prior to installing an Antivirus, you system may get unstable due to removal of those files. This is an extreme case, if you are not facing such drastic situation an antivirus will always help.

2. License Key did not Activate the Product

In such case we offer replacement of product if Software product fails to activate or is invalid. This is a Genuine Guarantee for complete Validity of license.

Non Acceptable refund requests cases

1. Do not like the Software / Features not as Expected

As already mentioned, we do not provide Satisfaction Guarantee. After an order is complete, we do not encourage refunds for the above reason. You can always use a trial version to know your convenience with the software.

Refund Requests will be accepted only for customers having unsolvable technical problems.

2.​ Failure to Provide Proof of Error /  Non cooperative to Support Team

If you are not able to install any Software or have other issues, please allow our Technical Team to help you or provide us with a Screenshot of the unsolvable error faced. This is a mandatory condition for applying refund on technical grounds.

If the above information is not provided, Refund Request cannot be processed.

How long Does it take to processes the request?

Once our team receives your request, we will contact you with probable solutions to your problem. If the Problem remains unsolved, we will approve the refund request and you will be informed about the same via Email.

For direct Card Payments it may take about 5 – 7 working days for the refunded amount to get reflected in your account. PayPal users will get the update reflected sooner. It solely depends on the source of payment.